Here's how Constipation affects the Colon and your health

Constipation affects the Colon and your healthSeventy percent or more of residents struggle with constipation. Some believe the number is even higher, 80-90%. Laxatives market now approaching 1 billion annually.Constipation is a problem seems to be that most of us face at one time or another.Using natural ways to rid the constipation is what the contents of this e-book.
I believe that to have good health, we need to use most of the foods and supplements that are free of additives and food enhancer that is harmful to the body. We need to eat the right foods and see how we prepare it so that we can digest and absorb them. without creating or leave a residue which turns into poisonous materials in the large intestine.

The first question that has to be done by a nutritionist or other health practitionerson your first visit is, "how many bowel movements you have every day or every week?"

Constipation affects the Colon and your health

If you visit your doctor, your colon is the last area that they discuss with you. And perhaps, this is an area that might not have them discuss with you at all.

In his article, The Bowel is Healthy in the journal ecosystems, Nature, April 1997 &,Majid Ali, M.D., tells

"When I returned to the practice of clinical treatment of environmental and nutritional pathology job live after all these years, I began to carefully test the definitive assertions about nutritionists, naturopathic clinical and ecological experts who claim that various types of colitis [damage to the walls of your colon] can be reversed. with the approach of optimal nutrition and ecological. To my surprise, I found that such professionals, who are usually rejected by the doctor's illegal drugs, turned out to betrue. My patient respond with good scientific therapy is not rejected by my peers with illegal drugs. "

affects the Colon and your health - Without regular bowel movements and colon function, you will create a variety of disease, discomfort and bowel disease-including constipation.

By concentrating on relieving constipation and preserving the health of the colon, you can take a big step in preventing a lot of body condition and diseases that can shorten your life or make your senior into the future pathetic.

Like many health practitioners of the past, I believe your colon is very important so that any improvements that you can do in Your colon health will help you prevent many diseases and unnecessary suffering. If you only do one effort to improve your health, it means creating the colon clean and healthy.

Heart attacks, cancer, Alzheimer, pathogenic organisms and so on caused most of the deaths occurred in the United States and around the world. There are a numberof natural causes associated with death or old age.

Your colon provides nutrients and water to all parts of the body. So, when certain organs have been degenerate, it is important to look at the toxic gut what has played out in this degeneration.

the Colon and your health - If your colon is toxic, blood will also be toxic. If your colon is toxic, this toxin will gradually reach all parts of your body through the blood and lymph fluid. The result is a body and various organs affected will become less efficient. Overtime this will cause a decline in the efficiency of the body becomes ill and you will lose your health.

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